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Hello, I use to control my system from my mobile device, and I contacted to request the addition of a Panic/Emergency button on the app since most alarm company panels do have a Panic/Emergency button. This would be a great safety feature, adding additional peace of mind. That way, if you hear someone breaking into your home or a fire starts while you are upstairs or in another part of the house away from the keypad panel, you can press the Panic button on your mobile device to initiate a response rather than having to get to the panel. 

According to Brinks Home Security does not currently support the in-app panic button, so there is not an option to use this feature with the Brinks system.

Please consider allowing to activate this feature for use with Brinks Home Security Systems.

Thank you!





  • I think this is a great recommendation. I will share this information with my team and our partners at 

    Thanks again!

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  • I would like to follow-up on this thread as I too recently requested the "Smart Signal" ( option and I learned that Brinks Home Security specifically doesn't allow the enabling of this feature but other companies that use have access.

    Is there a reason why Brinks has decided to disable it? I was advised by tech support that if I needed to notify emergency personnel and the system is not armed nor triggered but I have access to my phone - to call 911. In a scenario where I am unable to verbally describe my issue to police (if an intruder were present nearby) or if I had a medical emergency that I was unable to verbally describe my situation ... I would be at a disadvantage.

    If I were to call 911 and not say anything, they may or may not send an officer to verify if everything is okay ... if they know where I am with an unspecific location. 

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