How to report bugs and bad links

We have developers, writers, specialists and creatives standing by to assist with making the Brinks Center you're primary resource for contact.

Bad links are a no bueno for for everyone.

Here's some best practices to use for easy reporting and remember keep it super simple.

(Don't over-think it)

Be sure to include the following:

  1. [Feature Name] Title
  2. Environment
  3. Steps to reproduce
  4. Expected Result
  5. Actual Result
  6. Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text)

Title: Summarize your identified bug, by making sure it hits on the core issue.

Environment: Identifying where the bug occurred makes it easy for us to reproduce and fix bugs.

  • Device: What type of hardware are you using? Which specific model?
  • OS: Which version number of the OS has displayed the issue?
  • Connection type (if applicable): If the application you’re testing is reliant on Internet connectivity, are you on WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular data? What is the speed of the connection?
  • Reproducibility Rate: How many times have you been able to reproduce the error, using the exact steps you’ve taken to activate the bug?

Steps to Reproduce: We ask that you number steps from beginning to end so our team can easily follow through by repeating the same process.

Example description for steps to reproduce a bug:

  1. Go to Search The Community > New Post
  2. Tap on Topics > Add new topic

Expected Result: What should happen when you trigger the call-to-action?

Actual Result: Explain the result of the bug. Does the website crash? Does the link go to the wrong article?

Thank you in advance!




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