skybell camera won't work
I just got the VDB105 video doorbell. It was running firmware 3038 when I first got it and the video worked from both my android and my wife’s iPhone. The doorbell updated to firmware 3049 and now I can not get live video on my android device if I am not on my home wifi. My wife’s iPhone can still get live video from both wifi and mobile data. It seems something in the new 3049 firmware does not let it connect properly with android devices over mobile data. I just ran a test by connecting to a guest wifi that I also run at my home. This wifi network is isolated from the network that my alarm panel and doorbell are on so it would function the same as if I was connected to someone else’s wifi. When I go to view the video doorbell on my android device it works without a problem. So it looks like the issue is 100% with android mobile data and the newest firmware (at least in my case). Is there anyway to downgrade the firmware of the doorbell and prevent it from updating in the future? Edit: To add to this issue. The setup does claim my wifi connection is poor for some reason, but I am getting 41 Mbps down, 14 Mbps up on the 2.4 ghz band in the location where the doorbell is installed. I am on 1 Gbps symetric fiber and my router shows a solid 75 Mbps down and up link to the doorbell with sub 1ms ping, so not sure why would claim the wifi is poor… I even tried downgrading the video to 480p and still can’t access it with my android device on mobile data but tried 2 different apple devices and both can access the doorbell on the same Verizon LTE data at the same location.


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  • Hi Eric,

    Make sure you have upgraded to the latest version of the Brinks Mobile App.

    (If unknown, delete and then reinstall the app)

    The ability to downgrade the firmware on the doorbell is not available. 

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