How to disarm (armed away) automatically on panel when unlocked from numbered lock

my numbered lock is added to z-wave devices on the panel, but when i arm away and unlock my numbered lock,i've to re-type my passcode again on the panel which is so annoying and also defeats the purpose of the passcode when someone accompanies with you. So the question is how to disarm the system which is on armed away when numbered lock on the front door is unlocked?  



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    Hi Prashant, 

    I would recommend creating a rule in your Brinks Interactive Account to accomplish this automation. 

    • Click on Automation
    • Add New Rule
    • Select "Event-triggered Rule"
    • Name your rule (Recommendation: "Smart Disarm")
    • Automate My: Security System
    • When this event occurs: Lock (Be sure to specify which lock)
    • Perform this action: Disarm
    • Select Devices: Make sure the panel has a check
    • Specify the timeframes which you want this automation to be active 

    Here's an example of how your automation should appear.


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