My Home alarm beeps in the middle of the night
My Home alarm beeps in the middle of the night even when it was lovked prior to going to bed. Its annoying to say the least. Also the time on it seems to be off by hours and it has low battery status. HELP


  • Hi Srinivas, 

    With your system reflecting a low battery, the system will beep until the issue is resolved. Do you know how to check status? If not, add the system name or an image of your keypad and I can provide steps on how to check status. 

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  • Well my system began beeping at about 8 p.m. Unfortunately I did not realize that help is NOT available 24 hours a day. I am unable to stop the beeping and will be UNABLE to sleep with that noise. My system is not even listed. It is a GE Concord 4 (evidently very outdated). Needless to say, I am not a happy camper at this moment.

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  • Hi Gwen,

    • To stop the beeping, press the "off" key and enter your four-digit user code. (This will temporarily stop the beeping for four hours)
    • Next, press the asterisk key twice to check the status
    • This should tell you the exact trouble your system in reporting

    Once you've identified the trouble, post it here and I'll walk you through clearing the system. 

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  • My system used to work great Now the problem is once brinks took over when I do have problems you spend hour tring to get help but you can not get any help at all my system panel started beeping yesterday would beep six time every 3 to 5 min. then it pops up radio modem network failure after an hour of calls and getting hung up on or disconnected  I get someone one the phone who can bareley speak english  she want me to unplug the panel then open panel up unplug the internal battery to reset everything after 30 min. of doing that put panel back together it did fix the modem problem but now nothing works at all door chimes will not work have to fight with panel to get it to arm or disarm date and time are all wrong  and the app on the phones does not work at all,,,, WHEN MONDAY GETS HERE IF THEY DO NOT COME AND CHANGE THIS PANEL OUT I AM LOOKING FOR A NEW ALARM COMPANY TO DO BUSINESS WITH BRINKS SUCKS AND GUESS WHAT THEY NOW DONT HAVE 24 HOUR 7 DAY A WEEK SUPPORT SO YOU CAN NOT EVEN CALL THEM ON WEEKENDS 

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  • Hi Sheri,

    I reviewed your account and your system is indeed reporting a trouble condition. The radio not responding indicates the panel is not communicating with This could be caused by an interruption of service from the cellular provider in the area, a panel or module malfunction, or insufficient power to the security system itself. I definitely understand how a language barrier can complicate communicating troubleshooting steps. Our Technical support team is open 24 hours for emergency services. 

    I would, however, recommend powering the system down and then testing the system. This will register a signal which should reconnect your panel back to

    I can walk you through these steps online.

    1. Power cycle the system - instructions for your panel (2GIG) can be found here

    2. Text our digital team at  469-513-8685 to place your system on test

    3. Arm your system and allow it to fully set

    4. Trigger the alarm and allow  1-2 minutes for the signal to transmit

    5. Disarm the system

    6. Reply back to our Digital team at 469-513-8685. Ask for the test results and for your system to be removed off test mode. 

    I can also provide instructions on how to test the system with the siren being audible (turning the siren off for the testing) to not disturb children, pets, adults working from home, etc...


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