Upgrade of Thermostats for a 2gig Wireless Security System

I need to do a remote software lock out on my wall thermostat controllers in my house.  I don't want to go with a plastic key box around the units.  I can only consider thermostats that offer the feature and are compatiable with Alarm.com.   I am not ready to change security controller for a newer version.  I would like to go with a thermostat where a person can press on the keys on the wall mount thermostat ALL day and NEVER change a setting dialed in thru the software.  I know Brinks works with Nest, but I would like to consider other brands as well like Ecobee 4 I have heard has technology that has passed Nest up with google echo built into the thermostat unit.

Any information or leads where I might be able to contact a super techie who understands and knows the strengths and weaknesses of different Z wave thermostat units.  I prefer the wired units as opposed to the battery units.



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  • Hi Virgil,

    I spoke with the "Technie's Guy I know" (Mark) and he stated while those options absolutely exist, none would be compatible with our current systems.

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